Jumpstart Leads for Hotels after hibernation
Jumpstart Leads for Hotels after hibernation

Jumpstart - Re-Start your Hotel

The last few months have been crazy in preparing and hibernating hotels.  The pain from moving guests' reservations and getting staff wound down and in furlough.  

The state of affairs though is changing - things will not remain thus and will improve. 

However, bringing back a hotel operation from hibernation is as expensive as winding it down. This is where Beehive Hospitality is ready to offer support to hotels who are coming back into operation: We offer hotels a Jumpstart with our services to re-start your hotel from hibernation. 

Beehive Hospitality has come up with a plan to offer hotels a Jumpstart to assist with the return form hibernation. Offered as a short-term service until business comes back to normal and the revenue streams allow the hotel to bring back staff in full-time employment. 

You can use the Jumpstart offer for as little as six months and is can include any of the following services:

  • Reservation Services: voice management - full and tailgate solution, data entry of emailed reservations, guest stay management, and email correspondence handling
  • Groups Sales Desk: the full passive sales process management from qualification, quotation through contracting, deposit collection and rooming list  
  • Sentiment Positioning: Working on Guest Relations to ensure fresh live presence of the hotel
  • Distribution Management: Outsourced presence on your distribution channels. The service ensures that your rooms are on the "shelf" for your guests to find and buy. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Allow us to set your hotel alive on social media. If you don't post and communicate with your guests - you do not exist - let the professional team of Beehive Hospitality bring your hotel to life!

Let us help you and your hotel get out of hibernation with our Jumpstart your hotel back to life. Enquire today to setup a FREE assessment call with one of our consultants!