Managed Sentiment Positioning

Reputation is one of the measurements which identifies the quality of a hotel product. It is also a measure of the hotel’s positioning against their competitors in a given micro market.

Economics 101 rule states that Quality is directly related to the price a product is perceived to be at a good value, thus a better perception of the product holds better value and thus justifies a higher price.

The Sentiment Positioning service will take full ownership of the hotel’s perceptual presence. The Sentiment Positioning Service Manager - dedicated to each hotel - will carry out daily activities in engaging guests. These ensure that any intermittent opportune experiences are converted into positive.

While, looking after the pleasant stay of guests, the experienced Sentiment Positioning Service Manager, will empirically collect the views and wishes of guests and work with the hotel management and ownership to ensure efficient and effective asset value development.

The tried and tested methodology has proven successful in changing hotel scores on channels like and TripAdvisor – while having the hotels deliver true hospitality and the asset operators and owners the ability to effectively plan their services and understand their asset values better.

The guest management process catches any discontentment items and/or service issues as early as possible, as well as working ahead to predict potential issues. Those are managed between the Guest and the Hotel, turning where possible the negative into positive experience.

The Service has two very distinct benefits for the Hotel – in service terms, it delivers consistent, focused guest management; in asset value terms, it moves the perception toward the asset to the desirable thus increasing its overall value.