Social Media Marketing by Beehive Hospitality

Social Media Marketing - Services

Social Media presence is directly impacting the value of a Hotel Asset. Its use and mastery affects the overall revenue generation as well as the Asset's perceptual value. In Asset Value terms, Social Media Marketing is of essential use in the modern marketer's tool box.

Omni-channel marketing is a mantra which many industry thought leaders repeat. It is a directional development of businesses with serious intention to establish themselves within their markets. All agree that in Social Marketing Content is King.

Social Media Marketing as a Service from Beehive Hospitality will deliver the ability to a hotel or an asset management company to effectively amplify its Business Development efforts to extend the reach to its current, past and potential guests in re-enforcing and enhancing the image of its Hotel Assets on the market, thus generating demand and better profitability.

SMM generates and delivers specific omni-channel (Social) content of marketing story, offers, promotions. Essentially making the Hotel Assets relevant to their market and establish high demand generation value.

The Service will deliver timely, consistent and professionally designed content as well as engagement with a wider audience. To ensure that the Hotel or Asset Manager remains in control, the value of the efforts made are measured and reported, keeping things tidy and transparent and demonstrates success and ROI.