Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Groups Sales Management

The most important activity in securing group requests is by far response time. The most difficult to deliver but critical to conversion is the consistent and timely follow up.

These were the observations which founders and partner hoteliers a-like voted as being the two most critical elements when addressing the groups reactive sales process, and Groups Sales Desk service product was born.

The Service follows an industry and now, successful operationally proven groups conversion process which owns the group opportunity from enquiry, quote – in conjunction with a Revenue Manager and/or provided policies and tools, follow-up and convert to contract, chase deposits, rooming lists and hand over with the hotel, ready to check in. Post departure, the service will coordinate the departure with the hotel and follow up with the client, feeding back to the hotel/owners the results of each group’s visit.

Meticulously tracked and based on internal and externally agreed SLAs the process has delivered conversion rates for small and medium hotels at levels above 30% on average.

This Service does not stop at delivering exceptional value – it is also fully transparent. The client hotel is kept pro-actively informed of the state of the pipeline, including the up-to-date information of their groups pipeline, individual group detail and related correspondence.