Managed Reservations Office

Imagine the ultimate situation – reservation record of perfect quality, all the time. No missing reservations on arrival, and spoiled rooms due to duplicates and forgotten cancellations, no surprises of guests arriving with a reservation while the hotel has no more rooms to offer… No more delays in getting paid those invoices because of bad records or missing revenue because of erroneous routing.

Reservation Services - admin and sales - are undeoubtedly a critical pelayer for the success and profitability of any hotel. It is therefore very sensitive when it is discussed in the context of outsourcing. It requires a substantial degree of trust of the hotelier in the professionalism and effectiveness of their BPO partner, as well as the ability of the BPO partner to understand the intricate specifics of the service in the context of each (independent or affiliated) hotel. It carries process-bound as well as technological challenges in its set-up – internal hotel specific reorganization, and connectivity complexities.

The mention of full stack implies that this service can take on every single aspect of the reservations process – from the initial guest contact all the way through to handing the reservation to the operations team at the front desk, ready to welcome the guest and provide them with the excellent service each hotelier is aiming to provide.

Supplemental or fully outsourced reservations team? Here is the solution - the modularity of the services also means that hotels, in need of parts of the stack can pick and choose the best integration of the services in their existing structures.