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Easter Egg Hunt Offer

To celebrate Easter and Guests' return to our hotels, Beehive Hospitality offers its hotel partners an all all-in-one end-to-end serviced Live Agent Guest Chat solution for your website and social media presence. A fully serviced Chat Box offers the ability to get your website interactive…

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About Beehive Hospitality

Managed Hotel Support Services for Independent Hotels, Small Chains, Ownership Groups and Asset ManagersWith European flavor!Established in 2014 as an independent outsourced operations services company Beehive Hospitality came to be in answer to a growing pain which independent and affiliated hoteliers feel – resourcing. Professional…

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Jumpstart - Re-Start your Hotel

The last few months have been crazy in preparing and hibernating hotels. The pain from moving guests' reservations and getting staff wound down and in furlough. The state of affairs though is changing - things will not remain thus and will improve. However, bringing back…

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Hotels and Guest Ownership Software

People, Process, System - in implementing the best Process using the most well trained and motivated people and the best of class software is the secret sauce that Beehive Hospitality practices as company - team and solutions.  Outsourced services is a field that requires…

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Customer Engagement

Beehive Hospitality offers reservations and distribution outsourced services which allow a hotel or a chain to engage its guests and convert them into Brand Ambassadors. In using a combination of indurstry leading tools and the professional know-how of Beehive Hospitality's Service Managers the Hotel Clients…

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