Guest Live Web Chat - Make your website interactive!

Guest Live Web Chat

Enliven your website with the professional technological solution - yet a solution with human touch - ideal for the Hospitality Operations who care about the quality presence to their guests. 

What is it?

This fully serviced Web Chat offers you the ability to make your website interactive for your guests. The difference between what a DIY tool and what we provide through GLWC is guaranteed engagement. It is the core of service's effectiveness and efficiency. Beehive Hospitality will provide you with a complete solution of fully Hotel Branded extra functional, tried and tested software for your website. Beehive Hospitality will manage and configure the software for you including the installation managed with your e-commerce partner. A professionally managed all-in-one product - software solution and its continuous attendance. That means you will not be drawn into the technology's minutia any more than you wished to. Want to see? Here it is on this page, and by now you would have received our first message 😉

But more - Beehive Hospitality, with its trained, professional, and multilingual versatile team, will be the endpoint of manning your tool.

The thing about chat boxes is that if you don't have anyone to manage the conversations, you are better off without them. Beehive Hospitality is a fully attended service - Software combined with the manning service to ensure that it will work!

Why should you have it? 

Interactivity with guests is essential when they shop online. Answering questions immediately and engaging them while researching your hotel on your website will increase your direct channel's conversions.

Even more so - Beehive Hospitality is famed for its reservation conversion results through other mediums, which was proven here too.

So why should you have it? 

  1. You add interactivity to your site and own your guest
  2. You create an opportunity to get incremental reservations and increase direct conversion
  3. It will save you time, headache, increase guest satisfaction and make you more money

Oh, and 4. It does not cost you the shirt on your back (not with this offer) 

How does it work? 

Beehive Hospitality will collect fact data about your hotel. Alongside that, the tech team will be in touch to install the widget on your website. With that completed, Beehive Hospitality will be ready to start the service - our experience shows (provided that all information is in place) that a hotel is up in the running within a business day!

Once the service commences - the visitors on your site will be able to communicate with your (Beehive Hospitality - hotel ambassador), either on request or when they need assistance.

At the end of each week, you will receive a report which will show you performance information like the number of visitors on the site, the number of engagements, and even the number of reservations and their value which Beehive Hospitality - hotel ambassadors have created; incrementally for you!

How much will it cost you? 

The answer you were itching to get: Our starter offer is from £99/month and the first three months are free!
Get in touch for more details or simply order the service. You will not be disappointed!

Get this solution now and start getting more direct and happier guests, or talk to us now