Hotels and Guest Ownership Software

People, Process, System - in implementing the best Process using the most well trained and motivated people and the best of class software is the secret sauce that Beehive Hospitality practices as company - team and solutions. 

Outsourced services is a field that requires significant amount of detailed knowledge. Being a niche services provider, Beehive Hospitality specializes in lodging - hotel, hostel, resort and short term vacation rental - processes. Which give its team a significant opportunity to test and push Systems.

In the sphere of systems lodging services and distribution, Beehive Hospitality provides user support for a number of systems. 

A list of partners and providers is listed here: 

  • Guest communication and relevance - guest ownership
    Routier - an omnichannel guest communication and task management 
    Upgrade2 - generates guest ownership, improved direct conversions, and incremental revenues 
  • Airline type pre-arrival check-in - now supporting social distancing
    Guest Traction - A pioneering airline-style pre-arrival on-line check-in system; Mature and effective;
    Fast Track Welcome - Light and easy, self management system offering fast-track check-in functionalities. 
  • Revenue Management and Pricing 
    Beonprice - an excellent system with brilliant customer service
    Duetto - a pioneering system that has proven its position on the market; Mature and effective
  • Distribution Providers (Channel Managers)
    RateGain - multi-service channel management and market intelligence provider
    Siteminder - proven and all encompassing channel management and connectivity solution
  • CRS systems - GDS connectivity and Online Booking engines
    Windsurfer - mature and effective central reservation system offering excellent flexibility
    iHotelier (Amadeus) - also a very mature and effective system, which provides wide-ranging connectivity

Contact us for more detail of any of these systems and to see what our experience with them has been to date.