About Beehive Hospitality

Managed Hotel Support Services for Independent Hotels, Small Chains, Ownership Groups and Asset Managers

With European flavor!

Established in 2014 as an independent outsourced operations services company Beehive Hospitality came to be in answer to a growing pain which independent and affiliated hoteliers feel – resourcing. Professional and consistent resourcing of back-office functions is a challenge which small and mid-size, independent and affiliated hotels in large cities and remote destinations alike are experiencing more and more.

The focus which Beehive Hospitality maintains is within the Distribution and Financial management verticals. These service products offer the partner hoteliers the exceptional cost saving while:

  • relieving the resourcing pain (HR),
  • providing professional, high quality and consistent service,
  • retaining control of their identity, product and guest

Being founded by a cohesive group of industry leaders from Hotels, Retail, F&B and Financial background, the team shares a common vision of respect and personal development. The service mantra of – take care of your team and your customers will be happy is prevalent for Beehive Hospitality and has proven its success in the years past, carrying thus into the future.

The team has ventured and produced a number of services - tried and successfully operating.

Its core values: Fairness, Openness, Professionalism, Honesty, Client Value Add, Responsibility, Friendly Service, are the foundations of all its services. These values are the essential fabric that makes up the firm's relations and attitude to its clients, suppliers and own staff alike.


Beehive Hospitality is proud to be approved and contracted in these difficult times as part of the Operative Program "Innovation and Competitiveness".
Funds thus received are utilized to support the employment levels at the company, heavily affected by the on-going pandemic.

Проект и главна цел: Преодоляване недостига на средства и липсата на ликвидност, настъпили в резултат от епидемичния взрив от COVID-19
Бенефициент: Бихайв Хоспиталити ООД
Обща стойност: 10 000лв. от които:  8 500лв. европейсо и  1 500лв. национално съфинансиране
Начало: 14 сптември 2020г.
Край: 14 декември 2020г.