Services of Beehive Hospitality (9)

Here is how Hotels and Management Companies can benefit from Beehive Hospitality's Services

Revenue Management

The wide field that Revenue Management covers is in many ways interpreted differently by many industry leaders. At the same time those who understand the breadth of the field are challenged by the amount of work they are to undertake to effectively arrive at a…

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Groups Sales Management

The most important activity in securing group requests is by far response time. The most difficult to deliver but critical to conversion is the consistent and timely follow up. These were the observations which founders and partner hoteliers a-like voted as being the two most…

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Managed Reservations Office

Imagine the ultimate situation – reservation record of perfect quality, all the time. No missing reservations on arrival, and spoiled rooms due to duplicates and forgotten cancellations, no surprises of guests arriving with a reservation while the hotel has no more rooms to offer… No…

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