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Brand Development Implementation and Maintenance

The Service takes on the visual and material presentation as well as underlying process of the hotel and delivers from Concept through selection and all the way to execution.

Beehive Hospitality has a team of selected professionals who have proven the delivery of brand recognition both at conceptual and visual stage, having selected uniforms, and managed their production and delivery through to commercial branding presence and service and operational processes.

As with all other productised services Beehive Hospitality offers stacked approach to Brand Development as:

  • Conceptualization
  • Visual artwork, presentation
  • Story board, content and distribution
  • Branding amenities, merchandise
  • Procurement
  • Process structure, job descriptions, staff selection
  • Training, coaching and assessment
    use of
  • On-going presence and content distribution and positioning management
    (overlapping with Sentiment Managed Repositioning)