Subsoccer combines elements that bring joy, develop fitness and refresh the mind. The game makes you smile and laugh and sweat. It develops eye-foot coordination. The game helps be aware of and control the centreline of the body. The game develops ball-handling and ball control skills needed in real football.

And to top it all off, everyone, regardless of their age, can play this game as equals and the winner is never certain. Of course, practice makes perfect in this, too. In user tests, professional footballers were immediately ecstatic about the intensity of the game. And they specifically enjoyed the game because it develops the ball-handling skills needed in real football.

SPECS. L: 145 CM. W: 90 CM. H: 75 CM.

The frame of the foosball game is aluminium, as are the frame parts of the chairs doubling as goals. The plastic corner pieces, moulded to shape, ensure the sturdiness of the frame structure. The corner pieces of the table top offer a stable, secure support for playing.

Two transparent plexiglass pieces are set on the table surface. The goal nets of the chair and the game are made of durable cord. The nets will be easy and quick to attach. The base of the game is made of artificial turf, and we recommend a floor mat to be placed under the entire unit. The game is played in socked feet.


1. Take your shoes off.
2. The winner of the Rock Paper Scissors game gets to start.
3. Kickoff always inside the own goal area.
4. Never stand up! Your butt must be on the chair all the time.
5. Always keep your feet on your own side of the field.
6. The first one to score 3 goals is the winner.


When you take down the goal and side nets, Subsoccer® is a flexible fixture that can be used as an office desk or a dining table. It can also be used outdoors, for example on the balcony.. 

Beehive Hospitality and Subsoccer®

Beehive Hospitality is an official re-seller for 4 Feet Under Oy. Please contact us to get your game delivered to your door.

The creator of the Subsoccer® table football game is a fully Finnish 4 Feet Under Oy. The company’s mission is to create new, unique sports and gaming equipment and introduce them to the public.